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Find Port Charlotte Foreclosures, Bank Owned and REO in Port Charlotte Florida. You can bid on bank owned real estate at a substantial discount. Charlotte County florida housing inventory is low. So call your local charlotte county realtor today and find that dream home you have always wanted. Port Charlotte Florida ranks in the US NEWS TOP 10 Best Places to Retire in 2012 read more…
1354 Beacon Drive
Property address
Listing Detail
Asking Price $42,900
Listing Type REO / Bank Owned
Property Type Single Family Home*
Source Bank of America
45.3% Savings

Comparable Properties

23364 Altman Ave $71,600
23480 Beatrice Ave $148,100
23273 Abeline Ave $60,700
23192 Fullerton Ave $121,900
1423 Achilles St $124,300

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Fannie Mae – Punta Gorda Florida Foreclosure Home…

Here you will find information on the Fannie Mae home below at:

Punta Gorda
FL 33955
Last Transaction
Sale Amount $268,900
Sale Date08/01/2002
Tax Information
Tax Year 2010
Taxable Value $243,448

26106 Feathersound Dr

Property address
26106 Feathersound Dr
Punta Gorda
FL 33955
Listing TypeREO / Bank Owned
Property TypeSingle Family Home
Source Fannie Mae

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Why Does Your Charlotte County Home Smell Bad?

Why Does Your Charlotte County Home Smell Bad?
Bad odors can really hurt your chances on selling your Charlotte County
  home. Home buyer. Realtors / Agent will say “If I can smell it, I can’t sell it.” Air fresheners sometimes just hide the smell and not get rid of it.  You may be better off spending a little more for quality products that actually remove the smell completely.  Of course the best way is still to open your doors and windows to let the fresh air in. 

You will find below some bothersome odors that you need to take care of, before you open your home for buyers to see:

1. Cigarette smoke – this is the most common complaint of buyers.  Unfortunately, even if you smoke outdoors, sometimes the smell still gets in with you.  You catch it on your clothes as well.  To get rid of the odor, try using ionizers.  Ask your real estate agent for suggestions. 

Food smell – this is a little tricky because some food odors are actually pleasant, such as freshly baked apple pie or freshly brewed coffee.  There are probably two or three more, but anything else does not leave an attractive aroma for your buyers.  Make sure that your stove is clean inside and out.  Double check your blower as well. 

2. Pet odor – dog or cat smell will cost you a lower selling price and longer time in the market. This is a fact.  Buyers may stop right at the door if you welcome them with your pet’s urine smell.  Get your carpet professionally cleaned.  You may also want to do some deep cleaning 
with your couches, bed (if the pet also hangs out in the bedroom) and any other spot in the 
house that your dog or cat lies on. 

3. Garbage smell – just because it’s called a “garbage can” doesn’t mean that you will not keep 
it clean.  Your entire home may be spotless, but if you don’t throw your trash immediately, 
you will not like the lingering smell.  This happens most especially with leftover foods in the 
kitchen.  Empty all of your garbage cans before showing your property.  You will not believe 
the impact this will create on your buyers. 

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Dusting Your Port Charlotte Home Can Help Your Allergey Symptoms.

Dusting Your Port Charlotte Home  Can Help Your Allergey Symptoms.

Dusting your Port Charlotte home can help reduce  your allergey symtoms. Every one has dust in there home. Some have more dust than others. Cleaning your home on a regular basis makes keeping up with house hold dust allot easier task. Dust can be easily hidden from the human eye.

Places where dust may be hidden:

  • High shelves
  • Old clothing in the closet
  • Bi-fold doors
  • Silk or artificial planes
  • Blinds
  • Curtains
  • Fans
  • Air vents
  • Under furnature
  • Window sills
  • Lampe shades
  • Picture frames
  • wicker furnature
  • Carpet and rugs

You can even out source this service of cleaning your home. There are cleaning service provider in the Port Charlotte area that would be more than happy to have your business. It’s always best to use a full service cleaning service. Why you may ask?  By using a full service cleaning provide, you have more options. A full service cleaning company can do it all! Take for instance, Mighty Kklene located in Port Charlotte florida. Mighty Kkklene has been serving charlotte county and surrounding areas since 1999. Learn more about Mighty Kklene at

Arsenic In Apple Juice – Fact or Fiction?

Arsenic In Apple Juice – Fact or Fiction?  Is this true that arsenic is in are children’s apple juice?

We first heard that apple seeds had low levels of arsenic. However  Dr. Oz Show first heard reports of arsenic in apple juice,They launched an extensive investigation. Using an independent lab for sophisticated, state-of-the-art testing, They uncovered that some of the best-known brands of apple juice contain arsenic. It’s crazy that for all these year we have been providing our kids with this thinking we are helping them. I hope that they do more over all studies about arsenic in apple juice and other products.

Symptoms of arsenic poisoning:From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Symptoms of arsenic poisoning begin with headaches, confusion, severe diarrhea, and drowsiness. As the poisoning develops, convulsions and changes in fingernail pigmentation called leukonychia may occur. When the poisoning becomes acute, symptoms may include diarrhea, vomiting, blood in the urine, cramping muscles, hair loss, stomach pain, and more convulsions. The organs of the body that are usually affected by arsenic poisoning are the lungs, skin, kidneys, and liver. The final result of arsenic poisoning is coma to death.

Find Bad Dog Behavior Help

Find Bad Dog Behavior Help

It’s hard living with and unruly dog. I love my dog with all my heart and only want the
best for him. Many families take a lot of joy out of having a pet. Dogs are often viewed as the ideal pet because you can interact so much with them. You can teach a dog tricks, take it for a walk, and it will always be a loyal companion. Some dogs like to test their owner’s patience by acting out. This may be in the form of barking non-stop, biting things around the house, or digging holes in the back yard. No pet owner wants to have to deal with bad dog behaviors like this. It’s not only frustrating, but it’s time consuming as well, if you don’t know how to effectively correct the problem.

Adopting an animal when it is very young usually helps to initiate a lasting bond. Once a small puppy is taken from its mother, it relies on its owner for direction. It is at this stage that you want to start reinforcing certain things. One of the most troublesome bad dog behaviors is playing with items the animal shouldn’t be. Typically this is slippers, or small kids toys, it can even be expensive purses or shoes. The dog has no idea what is and isn’t a toy, so it just assumes everything is. The owner should be mindful of what it left within the dogs reach and if he or she notices the dog picking up something it shouldn’t be, a firm no always helps. Repetition is often necessary to ensure the dog understands the rule and to correct this type of dog behavior problems.

Accidents in the home sometimes occur and if they aren’t dealt with swiftly, the problem can be a persistent one. Many puppies relieve themselves wherever and whenever the mood strikes them. This is one of the bad dog behaviors that can really impact your life. It’s important for the owner to take the dog outside at regular intervals when it is young so it becomes accustomed to not going inside the house. If that’s not possible, you can paper train the dog, which is also very helpful.

Biting is another issue that some dog owners find themselves facing. Typically it’s not that the dog is meaning to bite anyone. It’s more that the dog is playing and nips at the person. This is especially troubling if you have young children in the home. Correcting bad dog behaviors like this is really important. You don’t want to end up having a dog that bites people who are at your home visiting. This could have very serious results so you need to work with the dog, by scolding it when it does attempt to play in this fashion.

Its so nice to have a pet for the entire family to enjoy. With a little work and commitment you can train your dog to be a wonderful and loving companion for years to come. Dog behavior problems can always be corrected if you take the right approach.
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