Should You Allow Pets In Your Port Charlotte Rental Home?

Should You Allow Pets In Your Port Charlotte Rental Home? Having a Rental property can help you save for retirement. Many people are getting in on the rental game. Yes owning a rental home can be just like playing a game. Every time you choose a potential renter to occupy your Port Charlotte rental property. It’s like rolling the dice. Some time you score big, and sometime you CRAP OUT…. This picture below, tell a story of a landlord that, did not want pets in his rental home. As you can see, the tenets had other plans. They have left this rental home in such a horrible mess. Leaving this landlord to pick up the pieces. No pun intended….. Well the moral of the story is hire a professional local Port Charlotte rental management company that can properly manage your rental home in Port Charlotte.

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Why Should You Visit Boca Grande Beach – Florida

Why Should You Visit Boca Grande Beach – Florida.

Me and my family went to Boca grande this weekend for a little get away. I can’t exspress anuff how great the weather was. It’s always nice to take a breather from daily activities.

However i have noticed new constuction every where, from appartments to new home construction in Boca Grande Florida. Boca Grande New Construction has been non exsitant for a long time. What this means is that people / investors are taking advantage of the low real estate prices on land in the Boca Grande island. You can now own a condo on boca grande for under $750,000.00. This same condo’s where going for well over 1 million. Many investors are taking advantage of bank homes and foreclosures in the surrounding areas like englewood, rotunda and port charlotte florida