Waterfront Punta Gorda Home For Sale In Punta Gorda FL

Waterfront  Punta Gorda Home For Sale In Punta Gorda. Finding that perfect Punta Gorda Waterfront home is really not that hard. When you understand that punta gorda is one of Florida hidden jewels. Punta Gorda has what many other city wish they had.  Punta Gorda has that something, that keeps you coming back for more. Poeple from all over the world stumble across this little jewel we call Punta Gorda Florida.  And some how end up moving here. This is a very small town, that has a something special. Come and visit Punta Gorda Florida and see for your self.

Punta Gorda Waterfront In Punta Gorda

3411 Magnolia Way, Punta Gorda, FL 33950